Built Around Your Workflow

  • When and what PRO’s are administered based on patients presentation.
  • PRO’s and patient mobility data delivered straight to your EMR.
  • Indication based patient engagement delivered directly to the patient.
  • Perioperative guidance delivered at your schedule to the patient’s cell phone.
  • Customizable per physician and white labeled to ensure your logo is front and centered.
  • Google marketing solicitations/reviews.
  • Cohort analysis to provide quality of care metrics.
  • Pro collections to meet insurance requirements

Enable your staff to focus on patients; not documentation.

  • Digitize your patient paperwork. (New Patient paperwork, consents, health history etc.)
  • Automated patient check-in with alerts when a patient is ready to be seen.
  • EMR connections which eliminates redundant manual data entry.
  • Text based appointment reminders to reduce no-shows.
  • Digital co-pay collection to speed up check-in.
  • Consistent documentation to reduce the prior-authorization burden.
  • Decreased time staff have to be on the phone by automating the solicitation of treatment response.

All of the data in one place; organized for you.

  • Digital solicitation of PRO’s both in office and at home.
  • Patient compliance dashboard to reduce gaps in patient data.
  • Connectivity to wearables data for on demand reporting.
  • Exportable .CSV files organized for submission to Academy and Registry’s.
  • Data is both solicited in clinic, and from home to capture the journey in its entirety.

Algos Pathways has been a tremendous tool for my practice. By reviewing patients’ responses to PRO’s prior to the consult; my patients feel “heard” when I relay back to them what they have been struggling to do in their day-to-day activities. This has helped make my consults more efficient and impactful.

Thomas Myers, MD

Interventional Pain, Paradigm Health