At Algos Pathways, we hold customer trust and data security in the highest regard. These principles serve as the cornerstone for all our endeavors.

Our Mission

At Algos Pathways, we believe that healthcare should be accessible and efficient for everyone. We strive to create a world where patients can access the care they need quickly and easily, and where providers can focus on providing the best possible care. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that reduce administrative burdens and improve patient engagement, so that everyone can benefit from the highest quality of care.


Network Security
Data Hosting and Storage

Algos Pathways leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the USA to host and store patient services and data securely.

Failover and DR

With disaster recovery at its core, Algos Pathways ensures resilience by distributing infrastructure and data across 2 AWS availability zones, guaranteeing continuous operation even in the event of a data center failure.

Virtual Private Cloud

Within our exclusive Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Algos Pathways houses all servers, fortified with network access control lists (ACLs) to thwart unauthorized access to our internal network.

Backups and Monitoring

At an application level, Algos Pathways generates comprehensive audit logs, channels log for analysis, and utilizes S3 for archival purposes.

Permissions and Authentication

Access to data within Algos Pathways is restricted to authorized employees with job-specific requirements. The platform operates exclusively over HTTPS, employs two-factor authentication (2FA), and adheres to robust password policies on Bitbucket, Microsoft and AWS to safeguard cloud services.


Ensuring secure data transmission, Algos Pathways encrypts all data in transit. The API and application endpoints strictly adhere to TLS/SSL protocols, and data at rest is encrypted using industry-standard encryption algorithms.

Incident Response

Algos Pathways executes a rigorous protocol for managing security events, encompassing escalation procedures, swift mitigation, and post-incident analysis. All employees are well-informed about our security policies.

Application Security
Password & Credential Storage

Our web application employs cutting-edge encryption technology to securely store user credentials, ensuring the utmost protection of sensitive information.


We strive to have an uptime of 99% or higher. You can check last 90 days of service status at : 

Additional Security Measures

Algos Pathways ensures high-security awareness among its workforce through annual Security and Awareness training for all employees.


Algos Pathways maintains an up-to-date and comprehensive set of security policies covering various topics. These policies are regularly revised and shared with the staff to ensure ongoing compliance and understanding.

Employee Vetting

As part of our commitment to security, Algos Pathways conducts thorough background checks on all new employees, adhering to local laws. This process includes employment verification and criminal checks for employees in the United States.


Every employee contract at Algos Pathways incorporates a confidentiality agreement, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding sensitive information.

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